Glenn Zucman, Artist, Los Angeles.


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    Jane Conoley: New CSULB President

    Jane Conoley: New CSULB President

    For those of you graduating next month, you’ll have President Donald Para’s signature on your diploma. Shaking your hand will be just about the last thing he does in his long CSULB career from Faculty to Music Department Chairperson to College of the Arts Dean to University Provost to Interim President. Not many people spend that many years and wear that many hats at a single institution.

    In July…

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    24LiveBlog Demo

    Hello! Just playing with the 24LiveBlog website, and the 24LiveBlog WordPress plugin. It’s a site, and WP plugin that lets you post news items of any length: tweet, paragraph, or more. You can also embed from: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vine. (so far Twitter & Instagram worked great but the FB embed failed)

    (function() {
    var lb24 = document.createElement(‘script’); lb24.type =…

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    Thank You SoA Artists!

    Thank You SoA Artists!

    A big thank you to all the CSULB School of Art artists sharing their exhibitions with us this semester! Art110 thanks you for your hospitality! There are a lot of us to move between the galleries, but hopefully it’s not too overwhelming and we’re still able to have nice conversations with you all.

    Below is a list of links where you can see the blog posts the students have made about your work. If…

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    PINK - Annie J. Chang & Courtney Heiser (at Max L. Gatov Gallery)


    #art110s14 (at Bistro 24 Express)

    #art110s14 Newport Aquatic Center @newportaquaticcenter

    #art110s14 (at Nikeplatz)

    #art110s14 (at CSULB Werby Gallery)

    #art110s14 (at CSULB Werby Gallery)

    #art110s14 (at Dutzi Gallery - CSULB)

    #art110s14 (at CSULB Werby Gallery)

    #art110s14 (at Max L. Gatov Gallery)

    #art110s14 (at Sunrise Donuts)

    #art110s14 (at Mixed Reality Cabaret SGV)

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